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Introducing….”A Hair Affair” by Charlie!

Charlie is a Hair Stylist based in the DC area, currently serving her clients out of “Strands of Columbia” in Columbia, MD. She has over 15 years in the hair profession and is lending her expertise to Fashcapade! You can find her contact info, business hours and pricing on her Facebook Fan Page.

A Hair Affair: Spring Color

Today is the middle of the first week of Spring, no better way to start a new season than freshening up your hair!  Here are some fun and
trendy hair ideas for the warm

  • Color  is always an eye catcher. Keeping with your own style and age bracket, you can customize your color to something as suttle as a warm caramel highlight to maybe a caramel base color with added blonde highlights (see Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively images)
  • For a more edgy look without a lot of allover color you may opt for just a bright, fun and colorful panel in the front of your hair. That could range from something very vivid to just a suttle hint of a color variance. (@fashcapadeAsh’s splash of pink panel is a similar example or for a more conservative but still edgy feel, aim for the coloring in the Vidal Sassoon cut. See above photos.)

Be daring as the temperature rises, allow your hair to be your stylist’s canvas. However, before considering any hair color services be sure to ask for a complete hair
analysis to ensure your hair is in appropriate condition to receive
the service. After all healthy hair is always our (hair professionals) best
form of advertisement!

Next week: Tips on the importance of trims and deep
conditioning treatments to compliment and maintain your hair’s
integrity after color services.

Follow Charlie at @StyleSavvy74 and become a fan of her Facebook fan page

*Images are not stylists own

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