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                         Fashcapade’s Picks for Sexy Summer Swimsuits

With all the hot cloths this season…The swimwear has to match. So ladies its time to revisit your drawers and dust off the year or two old swimsuits and check out this years new up and coming swim wear…

I love the designer Victoria Bartlett VPL set out to bridge the gap between underwear and sportswear.  Love the mix of the two colors that are total opposites but came together beautifully.

Plunging Halter Maillot is constructed the details.

Golden Days Bikini…really tapped into the 70’s look..constructed simple but with a touch of flair. Adorable

Broken Striped Bandeau Bikini Top by Marc by Marc Jacobs…did it again by combining the color blocking and aztec feel that’s a hot trend this season..WE ARE SURE to see a lot of ladies in this number.

Raging Loin!!! This Lion Tamer One-piece by Red Carter is HOT HOT HOT!! Enough said

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